Busy Bees at Back For Business

Busy Bees at Back For Business

Hello There Everyone,

What a terrific start to this week i have had. Firstly i met our amazing lead entrepreneur Mary McKenna, who will help guide myself and my fellow collagues in the pilot scheme, BACK FOR BUSINESS. I have to say, i think we have hit the jackpot with Mary, she is amazing and just a tad scary! In the best way! Not only have we won the lotto with Mary but my colleagues are also pretty terrific and i'm honoured to be a part of this very diverse group of entrepreneurs! I can say i knew them all when they were just little acorns.

Monday was a very enriched day filled with support workshops from The Revenue, Microfinace Ireland, KPMG and Voltedge just to name a few. We are extremely privilaged to have been chosen to be a part of this Government backed pilot scheme and would encourage anyone, who qualifies, to apply for the next one.

Who knew living abroad would bring me this much luck.

Paula Fitzsimons, Director of Back For Business, is one of the most encouraging women i have met. Paula is truly a lady and without her this scheme would not be in place. "No one says no to Paula" The world needs more women like her and if you don't know who she is just google, Going For Growth! You will be blown away by everything she has done for women in business.

Leanne and I have AMAZING pieces planned for 2018 with some prototypes arriving very soon. We cannot wait to share our sparkly news with you all. For now, we are THRILLED to announce that our FLOATING DIAMOND is now back in stock and available to purchase online. GO GO GO!!!!

Lisa & Leanne