Hello Ladies,

What fabulous weather we are having, having lived abroad for so many years i can honestly say that no place captures my heart like Ireland does. Especially when the sun shines!

Now that summer has most definitely arrived it's time to start thinking about how to care for your sparkles in the sun. Are you heading away somewhere exotic? Or having a staycation in Ireland? Caring for your jewellery is the same regardless of your destination.

We always recommend you take our Cabochon Diamonds on holiday with you and leave your precious jewellery in a safe place, less to worry about and less expence if they get mislaid. With our TOP TIPS you'll be sparkling all summer long.

Creams and Sprays

If you are like me, you will be applying sprays and lotions all day long. The joys of having red hair and pasty skin. First off, please be careful with insect repellents they do contain harmful chemicals so best to avoid where possible and purchase a non chemical one, kinder and safer for you and your jewellery.

Suncream, or paint in my case as i wear a very high factor.  Suncream in general is not harmful to your jewellery but it is messy so just gently rinse your jewellery with warm water and a teeny amount of soap to clear off any residue.

The Swimming Pool

Please Please PLEASE avoid chlorine completely if at all possible. Chlorine will remove the plating on your jewellery and tarnish it, if you do make contact just rinse with warm water and a gentle soap.

Sand and Sea

I live beside the seaside so i know exactly how harmful sand is to your jewellery. Sand is composed of silica, the same material used to make glass! I'm sure you can imagine how harmful sand is now to your silver jewellery, it will scratch and tarnish your jewellery so if at all possible avoid wearing if visiting a beach.

Whist enjoying a plunge in the sea please do remove your jewellery, we don't want a 'oops' moment like in TITANIC! Rings tend to slip off our fingers while emerged in water.

Top Tips

Hands sweel in the heat but shrink in the cold - Don't panic if your ring doesn't seem to fit you, it's not all the sangria it's simply the heat.

Remove your jewellery when applying suncream, sprays and aftersun.

Pearls should be the last item on and the first item off! Sprays lotions and creams will destroy your beautiful pearls.

Store your jewellery in it's box or in a soft pouch, this will help avoid tarnishing of your silver.

Silver can be cleaned using any of the cleaning solutions available on the market today - We do recommend having your item cleaned once a year to maintain it's mirror affect finish. Rhoduim Plating is availble in any repubtable jewellers.


Have a fabulous holiday wherever you are off to and remember to tag us in any pictures


Lisa & Leanne