Hello From Cabochon Diamonds

Hello From Cabochon Diamonds

Hello Ladies,

Wow, i didn't realise how long it has been since i last blogged, time flies when you are having fun. Where to start, well i completed the Government Pilot Scheme i was taking part in, BACK FOR BUSINESS, this is something i highly recommend to any returning Irish Immigrants, the advice and guidence i had during my 6 month training was outstanding. Mary McKenna, my lead entrepreneur in BACK FOR BUSINESS, has been the devil on my shoulder i very much needed. As a startup sometimes it's easy to get distracted and lose focus. Set yourself daily tasks and milestones and stick to them.

Cabochon is growing fast, we are almost 1 year in business and we have a very exciting week planned for our BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS, make sure you follow all our SM accounts as we will have special surprises on each one, you don't want to miss our birthday week. I still can't believe we are almost one year young, where has that year gone but more importantly THANK YOU EVERYONE for supporting us, it really means so much to us to have your loyal support X

DIANA, WOW WOW WOW ladies what can we say you asked and we listened. Diana was our christmas ring but there was no way you were letting us away with keeping it for christmas. We opened a preorder on DIANA and thank you everyone who has ordered, we are hoping to have them early July. 

Leanne and I love hearing what you ladies want when it comes to all things that SPARKLE! Let us know what you'd love to see on our website, send us your wishlist  and you never know, SANTA might be listening.


Lisa & Leanne