The stones used in Cabochon & Co Diamonds are the highest grade simulated diamonds available on the market today. It is impossible to tell the difference between Cabochon stones and a carbon diamond.

A diamond simulant is a material with gemological characteristics similar to those of a diamond.  They are lab created or man- made and are conflict free. A simulant has an appearance similar to that of a natural gemstone, but has different optical, physical, and chemical properties.

Cabochon & Co Diamond simulants are created in laboratory they are made to replicate a carbon diamond using a chemical composition. Our stones are hand cut using the same faceting technique as a diamond.

Cabochon & Co Diamonds are guaranteed to not lose their sparkle, fire or brilliance. Our stones will not discolour, they will not crack or become brittle. We guarantee with the correct love and care our stones will sparkle for a life time.